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carry your children with lifehandle
family friendly kid carrier
lifehandle baby carrier
carry your baby with lifehandle carrier
kid safety with lifehandle
lifehandle child system
kid carrying system by lifehandle
lifehandle kid carrying system
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Kid Carrier System

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Parents, grandparents, and caregivers will appreciate the simplicity and ease of the system, no matter the child's age or activity. A truly universal solution that gives you much more value compared to other single-purpose carriers.

For everyday adventures like a trip to the grocery store, there isn‚Äôt a quick and convenient solution for carrying kids. More times than not, they still end up in our arms, and the average person can only hold a child for a minute or two before having to switch arms or rebalance. If you‚Äôre like most, that can become very tiring and painful over time‚ÄĒuntil now. By attaching a handle to our patent-pending cross-body sling, we invented a new way to carry kids with far less discomfort and stress on the body, and with several key advantages over traditional carriers:

  • Easily and safely pick up or put down a child anywhere, usable in any environment and across multiple age ranges (babies, toddlers, preschoolers, etc.)
  • Extremely slim and lightweight, stows easily when not in use unlike strollers
  • More breathable, with fewer contact points than bulky carriers which have lots of fabric and straps
  • Much simpler and more natural than other carriers that kids quickly want to get out of
  • Soft neoprene loop at the bottom of the handle allows kids to walk alongside you (before they inevitably want you to pick them up again)


  • Get¬†the same leverage and support as holding a child with two arms, but instead of having to brace one arm with the other,¬†just grab the handle and the sling distributes the¬†weight over a much greater surface area, activating your core¬†while leaving one hand free to do other things
    • Choose between a durable EVA foam grip, or premium no-slip silicone grip
    • Multiple points of reflective hi-visibility fabric gives you peace of mind that others will see you in low-light conditions
    • Multiple points of adjustability to optimize weight distribution, comfort and stability
    • Patent-pending HUB technology to attach the handle and other accessories to the sling
    • Consumer Product Safety Commission¬†(CPSC) Certified


    We recommend the regular size sling if you are under 6'3" tall and have a chest size of less than 48 inches.

    For all others (over 6'3" tall or chest size of 48+ inches), we recommend purchasing the tall size.

    If you have any additional questions about sizing, please contact us and we'll help you make the right selection.

    Leash FAQs

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    Hands-free leashes make me nervous - how is this one better?

    First, the leash features not one but two thoughtfully-placed handles, which you can grab at anytime. In these situations, our system actually gives you more leverage than a conventional hand-held leash, as the sling activates your core and distributes pull force across a greater surface area.

    Second, the leash is detachable. Our twist-lock mechanism allows you to easily remove the leash and use it like a conventional hand-held leash if you want. You still get all the great features like the shock-absorber, adjustable length, and reflectivity.

    Lastly, every other hands-free leash is generally worn like a belt, which tethers you to your dog in a much more irrevocable way. Our sling is designed to easily slip off your body in the event you need it too, without having to rely on any kind of breakaway device.

    Is this only for certain size dogs?

    We don’t look at it that way, because our system simply extends your natural power. So if you can walk your dog with a regular leash, this is going to be a step up. No leash can replace training and your ability to control your dog, but as far as we know, no size or breed of dog can walk themselves yet :)

    Why don't you sell a harness too?

    There are plenty of harnesses out there, designed primarily with your dog's comfort in mind. But what about you?! We’re thinking about the humans here, which is why we've invested all of our R&D efforts into the sling and leash. But as we test more harnesses, we’ll likely find a modified design that works best with our leash, and you can sign up here for updates.

    What about two dogs?

    Here’s the thing - it’s all about what you can safely control, and the system is plenty adaptable. But first, we recommend using our leash for one dog, and a conventional hand-held leash for the other. We’re also working on a splitter to allow the system work seamlessly in this scenario, and you can sign up here for updates.

    Has this been tested?

    Aside from Bruin, our Chief Dog Officer who tips the scale at almost 100 lbs and has yet to chew through his first leash, we’ve also tested it extensively in a lab setting. In preliminary studies, we’ve found that our sling reduces stress on the body by 50%!

    It’s also been fail-tested to optimize for realistic loads that a dog can put on a leash. A leash that will never break would be too heavy for most consumers, and furthermore, it would be a safety concern in the event your dog is involved in an accident. This is true of every hands-free leash on the market, but none of those other leashes can function equally well as a conventional hand-held leash when you need it to (see question #1).

    What's your warranty policy? 

    We try to keep it simple. If you have any problems due to a material defect in manufacturing, we’ll immediately replace it at no cost to you (this hasn't happened yet).

    If performance issues arise due to normal wear and tear, for example if your leash is compromised due to chewing, we offer a one-time replacement program for a flat fee of $25 plus shipping.

    Wear and tear that doesn’t affect the performance of the leash is not covered, but we encourage you to reach out as we can often make repairs for a very small or no fee.

    Size Guide

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    We recommend the regular size sling if you are under 6' 3" tall and have a chest size of less than 45 inches.

    For all others (over 6' 3" tall or chest size of 45+ inches), we recommend purchasing the tall size.

    If you have any additional questions about sizing, please contact us and we'll help you make the right selection.

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