Experience the freedom and relief of our sling-based leash

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Patented Sling


Lab-Tested for 


Less impact, more comfort. 

Our sling-based leash distributes force across your core instead of your shoulder, arm, or wrist.

Control without strain

Get double the power of a conventional leash as our patented sling activates your core while taking stress off your shoulders and arms.

Hands-free when you want to be

When you go hands-off, you get the comfort and convenience of having both hands free, while still retaining control.

Strength through stability

Our innovative sling design helps you maintain a more stable posture by leveraging the strongest parts of your body.

Adaptable for any activity

You'll feel confident knowing you can comfortably control your dog no matter where you're going, or how long you'll be there.

The only leash designed with your comfort and safety in mind

Everything about this leash is designed to reduce stress and provide additional support for the person walking the dog, while also taking your dog's needs and tendencies into account.

Two perfectly

placed handles 

Soft, premium materials

Multiple points 

of adjustability


reflective tape

Cool, slim design

for any season

Built-in shock


Secure twist-lock


Leash System


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