kid carrier

For all those times you want to bring a stroller, but don’t want to lug it around.

Hundreds of

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Patented Sling


Lab-Tested for 


Pick 'em up, grab the handle. It's that easy. 

A sling-based system that helps you hold kids more easily, and doubles up as a walking aide.

Support your kids naturally

Hold kids in your arms in the most natural way possible, but with far more comfort and endurance compared to any other carrier.

Integrated walking aide

The soft neoprene loop attached to the handle doubles up as a walking aide when kids inevitably want to be put down.

Easy and adaptable

A quick and easy solution for when you're on the go with kids and don't want to lug around a heavy stroller or bulky carrier.

Strap-free simplicity

A simple solution that stows in your pocket, sets up instantly, and works from 6 months to 6+ years old.

A sling-based system designed with everyone's comfort and safety in mind

Most people just accept having their hands full with kids. We figured out a way to give you one of those hands back, while keeping everyone cool and comfortable at the same time.

Soft, premium materials

Multiple points 

of adjustability


reflective tape

Cool, slim design

for any season

Secure twist-lock


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