A simple, fuss-free way to carry your most precious cargo.


Every parent knows the endless “pick me up/put me down” cycle of 2-year olds, right? With LifeHandle, you can enjoy any outdoor adventure with kids. Just pick them up and grab the handle. It’s that easy. Then, when they inevitably want you to put them down, they can grab the padded loop handle for more stability and safety while walking alongside you.

how it works

LifeHandle was designed to work with gravity, not against it. By distributing weight across your core and through various points on the harness, you'll feel like you're carrying your kid, walking the dog, or packing your gear on the moon.

It doesn't get much simpler

No crazy instructions or bulky straps to lash together. And it can fit in your jacket pocket when not in use. The low-profile and neutral colors make it wearable anytime, anywhere. And for low-light conditions, we've added three points of reflective hi-visibility fabric.


KIDS love options

"Do you want me to carry you, or do you want to hold onto the handle?" Oh, the illusion of control. Works every time.